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2010-03-29 02:51:14 by Chelo-kun

In a nutshell, I've taken a federal job meanwhile I work to get my animation career going.

Many things have happened to me to get better at looking for my job. I started a company, called "Paperhead Animation Studios", that I started with help from my family.

I even went to a seminar to learn about online networking. The lesson in a nutshell is to make friends, build a social circle and wait until they get interested in your products. Never sell to your friends. A sell will repel. And he told me of a lot of websites and mediums to get as much exposure as I can. I got walked up by a web designer and a realtor. The realtor had an idea to produce a presentation about real estate that captivates the audience through entertainment while simultaneously informing them of what the realtor can offer. I really hope he gets back to me.

As for hunting down a dream job, it didn't even take off the ground. I have my flatbook in Adobe In Design, but the format is in CS3 and my In Design program is CS1, so I can't open it. Same deal with my website in progress. I can't finish it because I don't have the latest Dreamweaver. I really need to go to Staples and have me a new batch of business cards, with rounded corners. Rounded corners make people feel good, won't worry on the off chance of being stabbed in the eye. In the meantime, I going out there to sketch and come up with better gestures, life drawings and get together the animation stuff and all. I currently working on some stories and concepts that have a lot of potential.

A friend of mine told me of this animation studio that's hiring up in Orlando. I'm afraid that I won't be able assemble and submit my stuff in time.

But luckly I have my demo reels finished and already posted them for your viewing pleasure:

Long reel:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq doSqZadH8

Short reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5fUXK0 svVA&feature=related

Right now I'm juggling many activities and feeling overwhelmed. Between finding a job, finishing my dad's website (which he's paying me), my own website, finding what websites to post my resume on, finishing any incomplete animations for all to see, coming up with stories to animate, and of coarse making time for tv viewing.

My work area is cluttered, but nice. My own little place where I can feel comfortable, until my parents want me for something.

Well, that's it for now. See ya!